Video Management System (VMS)

Displays within bus, bus stops and bus stations or other modes of transportations, in addition to guiding passengers on the move, will display commercials too. Advertisement could be location based or time based. General informative messages, Government messages, either as text or as video can also be displayed.

Geo-Location Info within Bus

VMS displays the Next Stop information, while the bus is nearing a stop; both voice and display, informs Reaching Stop Name and on reaching the stop again both voice and display informs Reached Stop Name. On reaching a Stop the system displays the rest of the stops to reach the destination along with approximate time to these stops. This time is calculated on the base of average speed within the previous two stops. Stop Name information is displayed in three languages. Languages can be set according to your choice*

Bus Stop Display

At Bus Stops, VMS displays information in real time, the details of buses arriving within the next few minutes and are grouped by direction to which they are heading. If Ticketing via BlueBus is enabled, number of vacant seats is also displayed, mentioning the stop from/to its free as per occupancy.

Bus Station Display

At Bus Stations,VMS displays the details of buses arriving within the next few minutes and the destination of these buses. In case Ticketing via BlueBus is enabled, the system will display the number of vacant seats. VMS also show details of buses commencing service from this Station and its approximate arrival time at destination, which is automatically updated by the system, based on real time movement of buses considering traffic blocks, speed of buses, etc.

Digital Advertisement Management System

Application to display Advertisement of products / services of the industry (Malls, Restaurants, Hospitals, etc.). Visual Media area is divided to display, visual media of own / subsidiary companies, advertisement. A small area is reserved for flash news, locations of departments /shops etc within a campus, malls as well as to provide feeds of day to day strategic information. In case of net availability, the whole display can be controlled live from a central website.


Electronic card, pre-loaded with value, to be used while entering and exit. The card’s unique ID is captured at point of entry and location of entry is identified and updated to server. On exit, again the unique card ID and location is updated. Ticket fare is calculated and the Card ID is updated to contain the new balance and the same is updated in server. NFC cards / NFC enabled Mobiles are used for e-Ticketing.