IRIS Go Mobile App & Website for Public

Website and mobile application to locate buses in a particular route, Trip Planner to determine the best route, Route Map in Real Time Navigation, Time. Fare and Distance estimation and Ticket history in case e-ticketing is enabled.

GPS Route Map – Website

By using the central website, vehicle owners, Advertisement Agencies and others authorized are able to view the current position of a vehicle, provided the vehicle has an internet connection. This feature is enabled only when internet is available in a running vehicle.

Advertisement Schedule

Advertisements to be displayed can be scheduled by the Advertisement Agency. The Agency can schedule an advertisement, in vehicles attached to the Agency, in a route, within a time slot, for a period. This is done via a hosted website, which is the central governing link. Advertisements and other details to be displayed are downloaded by the respective vehicles. The schedule for a day has to be downloaded, or rather shall be downloaded automatically by the BlueBus – IoT, available in the vehicle. On a day to day basis, schedules are automatically created. No duplicate entry is downloaded.

News / Weather / Sports Updates

In case of urgent News / Weather / Sports Updates, the same can be updated to website and download file is created. As and when internet is available, vehicles will download and display the same.


Analytical reports provides details of advertisement displayed in each vehicle till the previous day and this can be viewed from the central website, by authorized users who can login using their login id and password. Advertisement report gives Client wise details such as advertisement name, date and count of display, rate per display and total value. Other reports such as over speed, partial trip, cancelled trip and trip duration of each vehicle is available and can be viewed by users with a valid login id and password.

Internet & Live TV Inside the Vehicle

A method to give controlled Internet connection via WiFi to commuters. Internet connection from various providers are channeled as one output, thereby providing uninterrupted internet connection. Even if one or two of the providers fail at a particular area, there will be at least one other connection, which will enable commuters using BlueBus to remain connected without interruption in connectivity while traveling. On request, each commuter will be allocated a unique password, which could be used to access the internet.

We are proposed to bundle Live TV along with the solution for BlueBus. So the premium users can avail Live TV, via our Device, or subscribed users can use Live TV via their Mobile where Live TV routed through our Device.